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September 7, 2016
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3 Myths of Buying a Previous Rental Car


        Hearing the words “rental car” when shopping for your next vehicle tend to make some cringe. The stigma that comes with purchasing a rental car is often mistaken if you are not correctly informed. In fact, rental companies are the biggest purchasers of new vehicles in the nation. After the rental term is up on these vehicles, where do you think they go? This article was written to inform you of some common misconceptions associated with rental cars.

  1. They aren’t taken care of.
    • When vehicles are rented, the first thing that is checked is whether or not there are any maintenance lights on. If a vehicle has a check engine light, tire pressure light, or oil change light on, that vehicle is marked not rentable.
    • Upon return, the rental agent then does a full walk around of the vehicle for damage and inputs the odometer into the sysem. By inputting the miles this indicates if the vehicle needs service or not. If the vehicle is due for service or a “LOFR” (Lube, Oil change, Filter, Rotation), the vehicle is then pulled from the fleet until the LOFR is done. This in turn loses money for the company, so they get these done ASAP!
  2. People beat up rental cars.
    • A common misconception people have is that everyone who drives rentals, drive them rough. This however is not necessarily the case.
    • When a customer rents a vehicle, a sales professional goes over different coverage options for the rental. A common sales point agents use is the fact that rental companies do not file third party claims. That being said, what this means is that even if someone else is at fault in the damage of the vehicle, the rental company is going to be collecting the primary renter’s deductible, as well as filing a claim through their primary insurance.
    • Most rental cars companies do not repair pieces, they replace them. This means that something like a dent or scratch will result in the entire door or bumper being replaced.
  3. Used cars at dealerships are better quality than previous rentals.
    • This is by far my favorite myth. The funny thing about this is that about 85% of used cars out there are previous rentals!
    • Most dealerships enjoy purchasing previous rentals for their own inventory because of the way they are cared for.
    • Rental companies get first choice of what vehicles they are going to sell at their car sales dealership. They typically choose the ones with a clean CarFax and very minimum, if not zero prior damage reported.

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